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Animals of the Nativity - click for link to buy on Amazon!

$ 15.00

CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW ON AMAZON! This children's book tells the story of the very first Christmas through a new perspective - through the eyes of the animals that might have been around Jesus at his birth! The book is made up of four poems that tell the story of four animals - the camel, donkey, sheep & cow. Each of the animals focuses on one of the reasons that Jesus came to earth - hope, joy, peace and love. We hope this book will help you and your child celebrate Christmas in a new, fun way! And what better way to celebrate Christmas than to help kids in a different part of the world? The money made from this book will go towards Aide La Vie - an organization that gives a special, life-saving food to children who are suffering from severe malnutrition in Benin (West Africa). Check out the photos below of a few other precious children who have received food funded from Animals of the Nativity! (Hardback, matte cover, 11 by 8.5 in)

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